What is Moja Ticket?

MojaTicket (Moja in Swahili means one) is a secure event ticketing solution that uses bar-code technology to produce secure tickets for events of any type. The MojaTicket product is aimed at helping event organizers maximize ticket sales by reducing ticket duplications through the use of bar-code technology.

About Us


MojaTicket is owned by Emveyo Systems (Pty) Ltd and was developed as one of the company's major products in 2011 after spotting a market niche in Swazi event ticketing industry. Over the years, the region has witnessed a gradual increase in the number of small and large scale events. This has been due to the increased recognition and appreciation of local arts and culture, therefore ushering an era of entertainers in sport, concerts, national and corporate events

The problem is, the bigger the event, the more challenging it is to control admissions into these events, particularly venue entry points. MojaTicket identified this challenge as an opportunity to provide promoters and hosts, alike, with a solution that would enable them to purchase and sell affordable pre-sale tickets to decrease the amount of money handled and improve smooth entrance flow at event venues. The solution goes on to ensure financial transparency through reports formulation detailing ticket sales for the various ticket categories. (See "Report Formulation Below").


MojaTicket was established and given the tag-line "One Ticket | Lifetime Access". On 31 December 2011 The Storm Festival hosted at the Hawane Resort became the first event where the MojaTicket product was used.

From there on MojaTicket has and is still continuing to be the sole ticket provider in some of Swaziland's biggest events.

During the year 2012 MojaTicket began to gain more recognition as more and more event organizers became aware of the product. A total of 7 events where MojaTicket was used were held across the country with a total of 2280 tickets being printed.

In 2013 the company was overwhelmed by how well the MojaTicket product was growing. MojaTicket ticket graduated from just being a product into being a brand. A total of 12 event organizers used the product in their events with a combined total of 11780 tickets printed.

Due to the growth of the product the company saw it fit to develop and launch the kikilikiki mobile app which is basically aimed at providing a platform for clients to order tickets on-line. The App also enables event organizers to scan tickets using their mobile devices.

Emveyo Systems joined the product into the kick-start competition sponsored by Swaziland Beverages. A presentation of the concept was made and as a result the company was awarded a prize for presenting what was seen to be a very good concept.

2016 has been a break through year for the Moja Ticket Brand as the product was chosen to be the tickiting solution used at the Swaziland International Tradefair. While at the tradefair, we noticed how well people embraced the concept and learned a few things that need to be improved to make Moja Ticket a solid solution.


The event organizer can choose to rent scanners from Emveyo Systems at E50.00 per scanner per night or the company can provide a team to go and do the scanning at the event for E1500.00 per night.

As a separate option the event organizer can choose to use a 5MP Android Smart-phone to do the scanning instead of using scanners. (NB: The Smart-phone has to have internet connection)

We understand that wristbands have become a trend in most events, hence the reason why we do supply event organizers with different colour wristbands on request. Wristbands are provided through one of two solutions:

  • As presale wristbands
  • As point-of-sale wristbands
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    Why Moja Ticket

    It is no hidden fact that there are many ticketing systems available out there. The question now is Why Moja Ticket?
    Here are some of the features that make our product stand-out from the rest:

    Secure Verification

    Ticket verification is done through bar-code scanning and ultra-violet stamping thus ensuring ticket security.


    MojaTicket is easily customizable to events/ticketing of any type depending on what the client has requested.

    Zero Duplication

    With MojaTicket as your event ticketing solution you can say goodbye to free entry through ticket duplication because the system de-activates every scanned ticket, making it no-longer usable.

    100% Swazi Product

    Moja Ticket is 100% a Swazi product powered by kikilikiki.com. Through the product, we aim to provide job opportunities for the Swazi youth thus helping government fight unemployment.

    Mobile/Web Enabled

    New trends in service offering have evolved into mobile and web platforms. At MojaTicket we understand the need of making our product available through different platforms hence the reason why our product is made available both over the web and mobile platform through the MojaTicket App.

    Previous Events

    Here is a sneak-peek of previous events where MojaTicket was the main ticket supplier

    Pricing Table

    MojaTicket Pricing varies based on the number of tickets the client wants and is charged as per ticket printed
    The cardinal rule is that "The more the tickts requested, the lesser the price per ticket".

    • E5.00 per ticket
      0-500 Tickets
    • Scanner Software Installation
    • Unlimited Ticket Categories
    • Scanner Rental E50.00
    • Ultra Violate Security
    • Printing & Packaging
    • Scanner Training
    • Report Generation
    • Contact Us
      > 3500 Tickets
    • Scanner Software Installation
    • Unlimited Ticket Categories
    • Scanner Rental E50.00
    • Ultra Violate Security
    • Printing & Packaging
    • Scanner Training
    • Report Generation
    • E1.50 per Ticket
      Digital Tickets
    • Written on DVD (PDF Format)
    • Scanner Rental E50.00
    • Ultra Violate Security
    • Unlimited Ticket Categories
    • Ultra Violate Security E0.15
    • Scanner software Installation & Training
    • Report Generation

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